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2021 Hindsight – A Lookback at College and COVID

2021 Hindsight – A Lookback at College and COVID

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COVID continued to have a major impact on students in 2021. While there were some positive changes (students found innovative ways to enhance their learning and explore their interests, schools re-engineered their admissions review process to be more holistic), it was still a difficult year for many.

As we bring this year to a close, here’s my look back at 2021 and what you can do moving forward to strengthen your college applications.

COVID’s Legacy

  • Grades went down for many students who found it difficult to learn remotely.
  • Some students are struggling if they didn’t get a strong foundation in a subject last year.
  • Options were limited.
  • But many students took advantage of the time to explore new interests, rediscover old loves, and find ways to help their community.
Recommendation Letters:
  • Lack of in-person interaction made it hard for students to build relationships with teachers.
  • Many predicted that testing would become less important, but that hasn’t necessarily been the case.
  • Florida and Georgia schools as well as Georgetown are still requiring test scores.
  • Test scores are still used by some schools to determine admission and merit aid.

 What Should Students Think About?

  • What did you learn about yourself and how you learn best?
  • How will this impact your college list? (Click here for more on Building Your College List.)
  • How did you spend your time?
  • What new interests have you discovered?
  • How did you make an impact (big or small) at home, at school, in your community?
  • Teachers that you were able to connect with by asking questions in class or through extra help sessions.
  • If you don’t test well, what can you do to up your score?
  • Which schools that meet your college criteria are test-optional?

Moving Forward:

  • Focus on improving your grades.
  • Ask for help from your teachers/tutors if you’re struggling in a class this year.
  • Explore clubs at your school.
  • Look for service opportunities at school, through your library, at your place of worship, in your community.
  • Find online courses to explore new subjects and deepen your knowledge in your current interests. (Click here to learn about Summer Programs.)
  • Get to know your teachers. (Click here for more on Recommendation Letters.)
  • Ask questions in class and don’t be afraid to ask your teachers for help.
  • Look for test prep that can help you improve your scores and schools that are test-optional.

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