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Planning Your High School Schedule

Planning Your High School Schedule

Two people sitting at a laptop with a calendar on its screen. Another calendar is in the photo as well as sticky-notes that have to do lists and a pink note has "schedule" circled on it.

Which math should I take? Does it matter if I’m in honors or AP? How do I fit in orchestra? Do I really need another year of a language?

Welcome to the world of counseling high school students on their class schedules.  Every spring students struggle with deciding which classes they should take next year.


What Should Students Think About?

  • What are your interests? High school is a great time to explore new subjects as well as dive deeper into the ones you love.
  • How rigorous a course load can you handle? Are you great in math, but not in English? Consider taking an AP math class, but honors level English.
  • What pre-reqs do you need for higher level classes?
  • If you’re planning to play a sport in college, are the courses approved by the NCAA? Not sure what the NCAA requires? Check out the NCAA Eligibility Center.
  • What courses are colleges expecting you to take for the majors you’re interested in? Some majors have specific requirements – for instance many will accept AP Calc but not AP Stats.


Things to Keep in Mind

  • The course requirements for graduating from high school may not be enough for the colleges you’re considering.
  • You should take the most rigorous schedule that is right for you. While you want to challenge yourself, there’s no need to overload on AP/IB classes.
  • Don’t limit yourself to subjects you excel in. Colleges like to see that you’ve taken a well-rounded schedule.


Some Final Thoughts

If you like art, then take art.  If you like to write, then take English electives. If you’re considering business, take a marketing or accounting class.  You get the idea.  While you need to take certain classes to graduate, supplement them with classes that you enjoy and will give you a chance to grow.